Sunday, December 25, 2005


This is just a festive note to tell all the bloggers and readers of blog a very Merry Christmas. Hope that all went well and that everyone received what they wanted.
Our Christmas went well. Every year we go to a local hotel here in Calgary and spend Christmas eve day, night and most of Christmas day there. They have a waterslide and the kids enjoy every minute of the stay. Pictures of our trip will eventually show up here in a couple of days as soon as I can get the pictures from the Grandparents.
Tommorrow is Boxing Day here in Canada. The day that is almost like Black Friday in the U.S., but mainly is all about electronics. I got a wonderful present from the Lawyers that I work for so I am going to go and see what I can get at the Future Shop (an electronic store). It should be interesting to see what it all entails. This year might be interesting thought; there is no snow on the ground here in Calgary and the temperatures are in the plus range. Today (Christmas) we had a high temperature of 13 degrees C. Well I am off for a bit. will post later.


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