Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The first round...
Blogging this may get me into trouble, but can you keep a secret? I bought my wife one of her presents for Christmas. I mean I might as well gather with all of the others that start the Christmas shopping bonanza in October!! (that is for a different rant) I am pretty good at picking out outfits for my wife, I know what looks good and what doesn’t and sometimes I am not afraid to tell her that the outfit that she has chosen is way too …not her…I say sometimes because you need to know when to play on the line or cross it and I have had 7 years of almost crossing it and getting slapped under my belt. Anyways here is the description of the outfit that I have chosen, see if you can guess before you get to the end of the description.

Black cotton pants, nice black blazer, white shirt and cool black tie.
And to top it all off, a little cap.
Yes, I bought Mom a chauffeur's uniform. I figured if you are going to act the part, you might as well dress the part. I hope she likes it!