Tuesday, October 25, 2005


A month or so ago, our Premier, Ralph Klein (or as some call him, King Ralph) told the province that "every man, women and child" will be getting at least $400 from the government due to the oil revenue surplus. Well I am one to go on record that it is a good idea. When George "W" Bush gave all American a dividend check, it benefited the local economy. This to will do the same...Just think about it. There is probably only 6% of this province that know how to invest money. The rest of us will look that this winfall as a chance to pay off bills or stick away in a bank account for a rainy day. BUT at the end of the day it most of that money given to us by our generous government will eventually end up back in the provincial government's hands.

ONE thing that you must remember to do is make sure that your taxes have been file as of 2004. This is the way that the Provincial government will determine how many people are eligible for this generous gift and also, I think, that it is another way to get people who do not file for taxes, to do so. Just think about it, if someone has a family of 4 they are entitled to $1600. If the breadwinner has not done his(or her) taxes, they will get squat. Another side to this is that you have to have your kids registered for the Child Tax Benefit program in order to get the money entitled to them. If they are not registered they nothing will come your way.


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