Friday, September 30, 2005


Last night my wife and I went to see the new movie with Jodie Foster in it called "Flightplan". Although the script was lacking, Jodie pulled it off beautifully. BUT the reason for this rant is the article that I read that was linked to the website I was looking at to review the movie.
The Association of Flight Attendants and Transport Workers Union has this week called for a national boycott of the new Jodie Foster movie, Flightplan. In a press release announcing the boycott the TWU claims that:

"The film, which portrays a flight attendant and Federal air marshal as terrorists and the lead villains, also depicts flight attendants as rude, unhelpful and uncaring."

I couldn't agree more. Ever since I saw Flight Plan I don't trust flight attendants further than my oxygen mask will reach. And this isn't the first time it's happened to me either. After I saw Boiler Room I hated stock brokers, after Tombstone I hated cowboys as well as cowgirls, and after Aladdin I had a severe distaste for Royal Viziers (ie. Jafar).After all, movies shouldn't be about good stories, they should be about positively depicting individuals with important professions, especially unionized professions.


Blogger Willie B. said...

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Sonny M.

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Blogger William Carter said...

M. Todd,
You notarized something for me and my wife in 2003 in 'Vegas. Need for you to call me. thankx Will 702 451 4510
ps Like your site, and your appeal to find the dumped/murdered sweet young girl.

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