Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hello to all.

This is the start of something that will hopefully take off within the families that are living far apart or have no contact with members of their family that want them to know that they are alive. You see I come from a family that is both American (my mother, Sue Gilberg, maiden name DeGooyer) and Canadian (my father, Jack Sabey). I grew up for the most part in Canada longing for the chance to go back to America. I visited numerous times on vacation and lived there for awhile and finally had the chance to excersize my dual citizenship when I was 27.
This blog will be the living journal of the ups and downs of my family, posted so that relatives from both my wife's (Rose Gilberg) family and mine will be able to read it. There will be more to come as I do a brief run down of my family and what has taken place over the last few years. So for now


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